#LS-5 LASER ALIGNMENT KIT -- $4,995.00

Item# LS-5
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Product Description

Introducing the #LS-5 Shaft Hog - the best laser-Shaft alignment instrument priced under $5,000, now bringing affordable precision laser alignment to all of your rotating equipment.

The system's calculations are based on dial indicator methods, which have been used for years. The #LS-5 system, however, eliminates the need for bracket set-up of dial indicators, bracket sag considerations, and brings laser accuracy to every alignment job at an affordable price.

Since the LS-5 displays live machine values right on-screen, the user isn’t required to perform any complicated calculations, or go through repeated alignment procedures – “What you do is what you see,” right on the screen.

The Shaft Hog features a unique "laser line" instead of the traditional laser dot. This makes setup and alignment much easier, as the line is wide and is easily projected to the laser detector.

The Shaft Hog also features graduated labels on the laser heads that work with the laser lines, making it easy to "visualize" the misalignment condition. This visual cue reinforces the digital values that are displayed on the unit, and makes evaluation and correction of misalignment an easier process.

Extend the life of your equipment by decreasing the wear and tear on it from misaligned shafts. You’ll also save money by keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency. A variety of accessories are available for the LS-5 that extends the standard kit’s functionality. Please visit www.petersontools.com for details.

Shipped Weight: 18 lbs.